Special Price of $199 on women's league jean


Once you have placed an order for your RoxyNell custom jeans we will get right to work on bringing your design selections together and start building your jeans. 
Based on what you selected for your design elements and fit preferences our talented crafters will create your authentic RoxyNell custom jeans. This process takes about 6 weeks to complete considering the level of detail and handwork involved to create your RoxyNell jeans. Please allow additional time for shipping.
Return Options

There are a few options to return your jeans.

  • One alteration is free. Use the return packaging to send the jeans back, along with a picture of you in the jeans and fill out the card to discuss how we can make your jeans a more perfect fit.
  • One free consult. Send us an email at www.hello@roxynell.com to set up a time to talk with a design expert and discuss how we can make your jeans a perfect fit.
  • You can return for a full refund. Use the return packaging and when we receive your jeans, we will process a refund.