Hands-free measuring demo (male)

Hands-free measuring demo (female)

Measure with a friend demo.

Click the button below to send our custom sizing app to your phone.

  1. Enter email address
  2. Answer a few questions 
  3. Follow Instructions
  4. You'll be sent back to our site to complete your order
  • Wear snug clothing
  • Stand in front of light background
  • There will be a handsfree or assisted option

More detailed instructions can be found in our FAQs or please email us at hello@roxynell.com Subject: CustomerHelp if you have any questions!.


If you are not comfortable using an app, you can still measure yourself and send us your information.

How to Measure

Before you start

Some simple things to make your measurements easy.

You may want to have someone help you. Tools you’ll need; soft measuring tape in inches, pen and paper, shoes you plan to wear most with jeans. 

1. Outseam
Measure down the outside of your leg from your waist to where you want the jeans to land on the side of your shoe.

2. Inseam 
Measure down from your crotch to the inside of where the jean will land on the inside of your leg.

3. Rise
Hold the measuring tape about an 1/2 inch under your belly button, pull it down and up through your legs, up your backside to the top of your hips. Don't measure too tight!

4. Waist
Measure around the waist where you want to wear the jeans. Make sure the tape is snug, but not tight, but not hanging loose.

5.  Hips
Measure around the widest part of your hips not pulling too tight.

6. Thigh
Measure around your thigh about ½ inch under your crotch.

7. Knee
Measure around your knee cap with room for one finger.

8. Ankle
Measure around the bony part of your ankle with room for two fingers.