Our Story

The Brand Story

We always want RoxyNell to be Authentic to the person wearing our jeans. With all of the uncertainty in the world today, the one thing we as individuals can control is how we look and feel. We want RoxyNell jeans to make you feel authentic to your true look and how you want to present yourself to the world.

That is why a Custom-Tailored Fit is important to RoxyNell jeans. They must fit your body to enhance the individual person that you are with designs that are current, but classic. Jeans that will be a part of your wardrobe for many years to come!

Grandmother Nell - Our Family Treasure

Roxy Nell was born in Nelson County KY with 10 other siblings; 9 sisters and 1 brother. The Saterly sisters were well known in their hometown as strong women who made their own way, went to school, married and went their separate ways. They all had different personalities and goals in life. Roxy, or Nell as she was known to most was my grandmother, and yes, I was to call her grandmother. She was a deeply Christian woman who attended church at least twice a week and always made food for the sick and widowed. She had her own garden and made three meals a day. But the reason for this story is that she made her own clothes and my clothes and I sewed with her often as a young girl. She worked at the men’s and women’s clothing stores so she was always up on the latest trends and bought the latest patterns. She was always best dressed at church. She was solid and classic with her fashion. That’s why my brand of denim is called RoxyNell. After my grandmother who was the most authentic, solid and classy lady I've ever known.

Our Denim

RoxyNell Denim is of the best quality, sourced only from denim companies here in the US and the jeans are only made in America. It is important to us to be close to who is creating the denim fabric, developing the designs and making the actual jeans.

History of Louisville Denim, Bourbon and Baseball

Blue Jeans, Bourbon, and Baseball. How is it that blues jeans can be put in the same historical space as Kentucky Bourbon and Louisville Sluggers? Believe it or not, there is rich history in Kentucky and even Louisville when it comes to Blue Jeans. Whether it’s the fact that back in the late 1880’s with the U.S. popularity of Kentucky Jeans, it was stated that “Louisville may justly claim as the headquarters of the jeans industry.” (Worlds Congress of Bankers and Financiers; Chicago Rand, McNally & Co Publishers 1893) The manufacturing industry in Louisville consisted of over 5 factories with more than 1500 looms that made over 12 thousand pieces per month that brought in more than $2,000,000 in revenue to Louisville per year. Another tidbit of interesting blue jean history; Before he moved to San Francisco, Levi Strauss lived and worked for 5 years in his brother’s soft goods store in Louisville KY where they sold Kentucky Jeans.  Could it be that he was introduced to denim in his brother's store and then made Levi's in San Francisco, the first riveted jean?