Your Authentic Fit

Are you tired of trying dozens of jean brands to try to find the right fit, only to compromise on a pair that you have to pay to get altered? Or when you shop online, you see the picture of the jeans on the model and it’s totally different when you open the box?  Or, are you the savvy online buyer that orders 2 to 3 sizes of everything and sends back what doesn’t fit?  What a pain!

Well sizes are different for each denim brand and have been arbitrary for years. 

We at RoxyNell build your jeans based on your unique body type and measurements that we get from our award-winning technology. This ensures a better fit and a much better purchase experience for our customers. When you buy your jeans from us, you are able to choose the style that you like and select the denim you want! You can also choose from a variety of other custom design elements, such as stitch color, pocket size and hem. Then, you download our measuring app and take a couple of pictures, which helps to generate your measurements. These are then uploaded to our website and we make your jeans that are unique to you!