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Expand Your Denim Wardrobe

Expand Your Denim Wardrobe

We talk to men and women every day at RoxyNell about what kind of blue jeans they like.  A lot of times people will ask us what is the best cut for their body type and there is some truth in a certain style for a certain body type, but the most important thing that we have found is that it's, all about a good fit.  You can wear lots of different styles as long as they fit well in all the right areas.  Shorter ladies can wear a wider leg pant if it is tapered at the right area on the leg.  Bigger men can wear jeans that aren't so baggie in the seat if they have the correct rise in their jean and finally, tall ladies don't have to wear ankle jeans because they can't find jeans that are long enough and still fit them in the torso if they have the correct inseam.  It really is about having a great fitting pair of jeans and you can wear many styles.  That's what we are about at RoxyNell.  Helping expand your denim wardrobe with awesome fitting, quality made beautiful denim jeans.

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